Made in Germany – Rediscover a concept of quality.

DRUPAMA with locations in Hamburg and Berlin has been exporting printing machines worldwide for over 40 years. We are specialized in the complete furnishing of printing plants. Following manufacturer-neutral advice, we supply letterpress and offset printing machines, as well as machines and equipment for pre-press and paper processing. These are all high-quality printing technology from 2nd hand. As a rule, the machines are not delivered from our warehouse, but from well-managed, renowned companies, so that our customers can inspect the objects during ongoing production if desired. The printing technology is purchased almost exclusively on the German market from the graphic arts companies we have known for many years.

Before shipment, the machines are carefully checked to ensure that they are undamaged and if necessary overhauled in our own specialist workshop. Thus, we guarantee that each machine is free of any wear and tear that might impair production and quality. If there is a need for training of the operating personnel and the machines are to be assembled and put into operation, our own specialists are available for this purpose.

Our team consists of highly motivated employees who are happy to organise the entire logistics professionally. Customers can also look forward to a friendly and competent pre- and after-sale service. The service of DRUPAMA – First Class-Second Hand.

Research and selection of optimal printing and peripheral technology according to special requirement profiles.
Manufacturer-neutral investment advice.
Valuations and operational estimations.
Concepts for business start-ups.
Modernisation of operations.
Complete printing equipment.

Technical examination
Technical inspection with detailed report.
Imprint of the printing machines on site.
Diagnosis of the machine data.
Control of the cylinders.
Control of the cylinder rotation.

Professional disassembly.
Removal even from difficult locations.
Careful packing.

Technical overhaul and cleaning
Transport to our own specially equipped workshop.
Technical overhaul and cleaning.
Exchange of wear parts.

Professional packaging: truck – sea ship – air freight.
Bolted on special pallets, foil shrink-wrapped.
Addition of desiccant, corrosion protection.
Bracing and sealing.
Loading on schedule.
Experienced preparation of shipping documents.
Worldwide delivery according to Incoterms FOB, CFR or CIF.

Reassembly at the customer
Transport and installation in the production plant.
Remounting and commissioning.
Test printing and operator training.

Spare parts service